Coffee roasters


A love of Green Cherries

We’re pretty enamoured with coffee, which is why we roast our own, right up the stairs at Habituel. It means we can make it just the way we like. Strong and not decaffeinated.

Habituel House Blend

Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras.

Habituel Single Origin

Our single origin coffee blend focuses exclusively on the distinctive expression of a region, the variety, altitude and input of the grower. All beans are organic, are certified fair trade and sourced from producers who are conscious of environmental conservation and social responsibility. 

Our single origin coffee changes regularly, but our current Single origin is from Colombia - Los Nogales.

The Right Tools

Our coffee is roasted in a special prototype 20kg Buhler AG coffee roaster. Dubbed the RoastMaster, this high-tech machine roasts coffee beans in hot air while rotating in a drum, rather than externally heating the drum. The result is a more even and controllable roast with no charring of the bean. We roast a couple of times a week and you can see all the action as it takes pride of place.